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Corsair tw3x4g1600c9dhx

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I am getting memory errors when I OC my CPU and memory to 1600mhz. It works for a while, then stops. I ran the memory test to check for errors, when I was switching between operating systems, and It shows hardware errors if I set my ram and CPU anything above 1333. I have my cpu and memory linked.

The most common settings I can find on line for Corsair's tw3x4g1600c9dhx DDR3 ram is timing 9-9-9-24, 1.8v at 1600mhz.

It seems that many others are also having issues when clocking this memory to 1600 mhz. I just haven't been able to find their solution. What settings has anyone been able to get this ram stable at 1600mhz? After all, it is rated for this speed.

Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I don't have much to offer, but this is what I do have: I say Unlink them, and then go from there. I've had far more success with mine Unlinked than Linked.
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