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Corsair Valueselect running at DDR2 [email protected] timings

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I heard that the fourth timing when refering to memory had almost no impact on performance but a huge impact on how high memory can be clocked, so I decided to test this out and by leaving that at 12 (my memory is rated for [email protected] 400 and [email protected] 533) I was able to accomplish DDR2 400 at 2-2-2-12 with only 2.00v vDimm! Is this crazy or what?
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Originally Posted by pauldovi

Is it really safe to run memory at 2V?

Crucial and Corsair rate their value dram at 2.1 for the top limit. You should have no problem whatsoever running even value dram at 2V.


Originally Posted by RAM GUY

All of our DDR2 modules are warranted up to 2.1 Volts so you should be fine!


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