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Hi everyone,

I have been testing the Corsair Venegance M60 from a friend just to see how it performs because I am looking for alternatives to my SS Kana. The M60 has great performance so far, I have been using it at 800 dpi with the new firmware, I can't notice any positive acceleration and the polling rate is very stable at 500hz unlike the KANA that keeps jumping to 1000hz quite a bit in side to side movement. The lift off distance in this mouse seems to be great as well. I use claw grip and have relatively big hands. I find this mouse easy to grip and doesn't slip alas it would be nicer if it was slightly narrower.

There is only one problem I'm having with it, it is kinda heavy. I removed all the weights, and it still feels heavy.
Since overall I have been impressed with this mouse I might just buy one. However when I checked online I saw that the new version is out the M65. It looks like the mice are identical except the sensor, the M65 apparently uses the Avago ADNS-9800, the M60 is using the ADNS-9500 a sensor shared by another mouse that I have the G9x.

So my first question is this, does the sensor in the M65 perform just as well as the one in M60, and what about in terms of native dpi, can you have 800 native dpi on ADNS-9800? I am also interested if there are any issues with ADNS-9800 like jitter or bad tracking on cloth pads, anything of the sort.

My second question is the weight, is the M65 lighter than the M60?
I can't find the weight information on either mouse from the website.

I have the option to buy either mouse, the store has both versions, though the M60 is cheaper.
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