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Im building my first pc :O im going with A64 3400+ 754 DFI Lanparty Mobo. And i want a gig of corasair i just dont know which kind yet maybe you guys can help me out. Im using this pc for gaming/laning thankyou

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ok this makes it easy

first of all you can look beyond corsair... they are great but not the only company

3 other companys to look for and corsair are geil, kingston, and OCZ

From what I have heard OCZ is the best overclocker because it can take alot of voltage

The first thing you need to give that rig justice is have atleast 1 gig of memory (512x2) feel free to go higher than that .. I personally like having 2 sticks because you can run it at duel channel and it makes it abunch faster

next thing is you need atleast at the very minimum pc3200 (ddr400) this is the speed of the ram the faster the better the more exspencive

----- Summary of the company's listed
Geil- I personally have some and I love it I believe It keeps up quite well with Kingston and Corsair for a fraction of the price

Kingston and Corsair- I put these together because to me they are mostly the same .. their prices are nearly identical and they perform about the same... I allways find myself lean towards corsair between these too.. they just have the better rep.

OCZ= not to cheap... but I would say the best the price is its only downfall
its really not neccesary unless you plan to really overclock your cpu.. and if ur buying this please tell me you are buying a good psu

thats a small summary of what you need to look for

here are some links.. enjoy
remember nothing lower than pc3200 and try for a heatspreader





now dont get me wrong about OCZ its great but so are these others

well have fun

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