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Cosmos S Ventilation Opinion

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So i'm gonna end up biting the bullet and selling my HAF 932 and picking up one of these bad boys.

Gonna have a cpu/gpu wc loop and planning to go with that:

4 exhausts
1 rear, 3 on top of the radiator

4 intakes
1 front, 3 near the bottom of the custom window i'm planning on putting in

all fans will be 120mm.

Is the fan setup reasonable?
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What's up Juggalo? I'm bored outta my mind and killing time by doing tons of research and browsin around.

I've come to the conclusion fan noise might become a problem but where am I gonna find a fan controller that has either no led or a red leds and can control 8 fans?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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