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Cost of 5850/70 justified?

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With the costs going up due to low supply, are these cards even worth how much they are starting to cost? Found one site in canada that has a 5850 in stock for $350 shipped and I was hoping to get my hands on one, but I'm starting to think that its more worth it to just get a 4870 or 5770 and save until the supply increases and prices drop. Thoughts?

P.S. its for a build i'm putting together for someone
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honestly, the 5870 is in my eyes a better card then a gtx295 which on release if im not wrong went over the tables for nearly 700... the 5870 came starting @ 389 now 409 at most etailers. i think the card is more any regular gamer with a single screen will use for the next few month. i cannot judge the 5850's yet, as i have not owned one, therefore i cannot state my view. i only write about stuff i own or have owned, other stuff i cannot judge. my opinion
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