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Could someone explain to me what this is?

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Hello people I'm a noob.
Now that I got that of my cheast I wonder if any one could tell me what this is.
The speaker what is it attached to? Is it some kind of harddrive beacuse it has a "car sound" on it that starts everytime I touch the thing on the top left corner (what is that).
I want to be able to make something like this but with different sound in it.
Does anyone of you know how to do this and if so maybe you could explaine it to me so I can do it.
Take care and Mary Xmas
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Would you be able to provide more background info? Where was it pulled from? It's obviously not a hard drive though. Seems to be just a speaker? It won't be easily to make it produce a different tone.
I ripped it apart from a car toy box. When you opened the box the sound of a car engine started. So the thing on the picture is the speaker attached to something that has the car engine sound on it.
But what is it?
I started to think of greeting cards with sound in them, Im gonna buy one tomorrow and check if they are built up the same way.
i think thats a speaker, i'm not sure though
Yeah, it looks like the sound byte cards used in common greeting
cards with a bigger speaker attached. Don't know of any way to
program the sound chip though.
you can get sound recordable greetings cards with a 30 second record time on them get on of those and record the sound you want,asi dont think you'll be able to change the sound on this ps the sound chip is hidden under the black spodge to the top right of the board. hope this helps
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whats that thing on the top right hand corner?
Thanks guys for the replay. The thing on the top left corner is the thing that gets it going. It supposed to be in the dark so when you take it out in the light the hole car sounds starts.
A small IC board with a series of piezo speakers, or maybe one piezo and 3 reostats, or buttons (action on the other side of the board). The series of 3 round thingys may produce different currents and therefore different sounds...?
Is there Anything you actually want to do with it now you know what it is. ?
Yeah I got a brief from school to design what ever I like (9X10 cm)
So I'm planing to work with sounds and design a hard cover for it.
Havent thougt of how its gonna look like yet.
Thanks for all the help and thanks Syrillian I will do some research on the info you gave me. Cheers.
Sounds like a fun project. Please post back with your creation (maybe a log), as I really enjoy seeing other peoples handiwork, especially when it comes to electronics.

Good luck!
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