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Could someone upload the WLM Client for S60v3?

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Hi there...

I just got a Nokia E63, and I was looking for a WLM only client to use, but Nokia won't let me download it because I live in Brazil and the country is not supported, idk why! So, could please someone upload the *.sisx file for the WLM client, which can be downloaded from the Nokia website or to the phone itself through Menu > Download > Windows live ??
Any Symbian S60v3 can do it, i think.

EDIT: Plus, could someone tell me if there's a client that works like WLM 2009 and doesn't make my PC disconnect when I connect throught the phone? Thanks in advance
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use slick, does not require to register, also there are other like morange but you need to create an account, slick works great
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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