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Could use some clarification

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Hi, I'm looking at this power supply: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applicatio...309&CatId=1483

Now I found this review: http://www.modders-inc.com/reviews-story--1.html

However, the charts aren't the same, and the review shows that the max output of the 2 +12V rails is 420 Watts and the other doesn't say that at all, but I'm going to assume that's its rating. So does this mean that it can output a maximum of 35A on the two rails combined?

I'm looking to buy an 8800 GTS 640MB, which says the minimum requirements is 26A on the +12V rails. Clearly 35A is enough, but each rail is only 20A and 18A on their own. So does that mean combined on those rails or on a single rail (I thought ATX standards set a max of 20A on a single rail). And 26A for a videocard seems a bit excessive?

If it can use the Amperes on multiple rails, how do I make sure that I'm using a line from different rails, short of opening the damn thing? lol. I think I read that the 640 only requires 1 6pin power cable, or 2 4pin. I'm guessing the 6pin is used for single rail power supplies (which, by my understanding, don't meet ATX standards) and the 2 4 pins are meant for dual rail power supplies. Thanks in advance.
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600W PSU for $30. I wouldn't touch it with a 70 foot pole TBH. Espically if you are buying a 8800. You need a non-budget PSU with stable rails.

That PSU doesnt have enough amps on a rail to power a 8800 I believe.
Well, its actually 60$, mail in rebate of 30$. Figured I might try it as I need to buy a cheap PSU for a PC I'm giving away, and I can just throw it in there and stick with my current one. What do you think about my current one? But still, I would like to know about how it works exactly, like ampere rating and what not. thanks
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