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couple rad questions

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I am wondering if 1 XSPC RX480 rad and a XSPC RX360 rad would be good enough to cool 3 GTX 480s and 1 i7980x and a x58 mobo? Or instead of the XSPC RX360 just a XSPC RX240? I am not looking for stellar temps just to do medium overclocking but mostly to get a quiet PC. Also what fans are good? I was looking at Scythe Gentle Typhoons pushing air from the outside to the inside of my case.
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1 loop, duel pump!! also whats better 480 rad and 360 rad OR 480 rad and 240 rad?
Get the largest radiator you can get. Obviously, a 480 and 360 would be better than a 480/240 combo.
The bigger the radiators = larger surface area = the more heat dissipated
i would run.... res>pump>360>graphics>(res)>pump>480>cpu
you don't need another res and yes that is perfect amount of cooling. Typhoons are the way to go. If you can fit it, put some shrouds on those rads to get a little extra cooling performance and silence.

You can tube it how ever you like BUT it MUST be res->pump (try to have the res higher then the pump)
For fans, I would look at the 1850RPM Scythe GTs, if you can ever find them in stock. Review here.

OK, so lets say 300W for each GTX480, 130W for the i7 gives 1030W. Bump that up to a nice round 1100W for some OC headroom and that is what you will be trying to dissipate at load.

Looking at Skinnee's results for the RX360:

We can see that even with high speed fans, the 360 will only just shift our heat load with a 15C delta (not great). So we have to go for a bigger rad, but then we knew that already.

So, for an RX480 rad we take the 1100W and multiply by 3/4, this gives 825W. Looking at the table, 1800RPM fans can shift that with a delta of 15C. Better but still not great.

Now an RX480 and an RX240, take the 1100W and multiply by 3/6 (or 1/2), this gives 550W. Look at the table again, now your 1800RPM fans shift it with a 10C delta. Much better (same result as running 2 RX360s), and good performance.

For overkill, an RX480 and an RX360, multiply 1100W by 3/7, gives 471W. Now 1400RPM fans can shift the heat with a 10c delta, 1800RPM fans can manage roughly an 8C delta. Great performance.

You can go push pull for roughly a 30% performance boost (makes a single 480 viable with a 10C delta and a 480 - 360 combo a monster with a ~6C Delta), or add shrouds for roughly a 6% performance boost. Details here.

Edit: And as Nick said, loop order doesn't matter other than res>pump. Water temperature rise is so small that it is far better to set the loop up in a way to give you the cleanest lines, least restriction and best flow.
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3x 480's = 750w TDP, 980x = 130w TDP, x58=24w TDP. Your loop needs to cool 1004w at max load non OC'd.

The 360 at 15c delta, med. fans cools 860w a 480 is about 1/3rd more or 1143w of cooling. So with the 480 + 360 you are at 2003w of cooling or double your non-OC'd load. If you OC your at about 1200w or well below what those two rads can do. If you swap that 480 for a 240 you get about 580w of cooling for a total of 1440w, again well over your needs.
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I win I win!

Oh, and for heaven's sake:

Duel = A contest, fight, battle, combat.
Dual = double, twin.
honestly its fine you will be able to cool everything and then some
Well from what I read and been reading my conclusion is the RX 480 and a RX 360 in a push pull if it can fit in a corsair 800d case. I am also going to be cooling a mobo too and like I said not looking for stellar temps. Just something quiet because the computer is going to be right next to me on my desk. Also just want my CPU to run a 4.0 Ghz 24/7 and some mild turning up on the graphics cards.

use both rads and quieter fans then.. same effect as one rad loud fans
If you are going for quiet and reasonable performance, either run the 480 push pull (8 fans) or the 480 and 240 (or 2 360s) pull only (6 fans). No need to do push / pull on 480 - 360 (14 fans).
just pull on the 360 and 240.... that will perform admirably

Originally Posted by Onions View Post
just pull on the 360 and 240.... that will perform admirably
It will perform reasonably:

1100 * 3/5 = 660
@ 1800RPM you get a delta between 10 and 15

See if you can follow this:

(660 - 575.15)/(862.73-575.15) = 0.295

0.295 * (15-10) = 1.475

10+1.475 = 11.475

So a Delta of 11.5C

Average performance.

Yes OK, so it is badly laid out and not explained. Doesn't matter.
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How are you going to fit a 480 and 360 in a 800d?? You can mod the top to hold a 480 instead of the holes already for a 360, but at most you can mod the bottom for a 240 unless you are planning on going outside your case.
Ive seen the 360 rad at the bottom more than once on other fourms and if they did it im sure I could. Im going to mod the top for a 480 rad. Im going to have my fans blowing cool air from the outside into the case and a fan blowing out the back hot air.

See the 360 rad at the bottom? Its sure tight but it fits
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