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For sale is a black Cowon J3 32GB MP3 and Personal Media Player. It is in good condition. This is the perfect player for an audiophile as the sound quality is unparalleled. In addition to the ubiquitous MP3 format, it will also play select audio book formats and video formats. It allows for an additional 32GB via microSD card expansion. On a Windows machine it functions like a USB thumb drive when plugged into the computer, making transferring files extremely simple - no additional software needed. Included in the sale is a silicon protective case and the stock charging/data cable. No ear buds or headphones are included; the buyer will need to have their own pair!

The player has a couple of gouges on two corners, but the current case that is included with this purchase covers any blemishes. Given the player is a few years old, the battery life is down to only several hours of continuous use before a charge is needed. (Still plenty of battery life for a day's use, but this is the reason the price is as low as it is; you will see on eBay that the smaller storage versions of this player sell for more money than I am asking for.) Note that you cannot listen to music while the device is charging.

Additional product information can be found here:

Price is set at $80 $70 shipped and insured, or best offer. PayPal only, please. Once the payment clears, I will send the you the tracking information.
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