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CPU [email protected] gives status 503 error

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I'm not sure if it's me or if Stanford's servers are just busy.

My GPU client has successfully sent WUs both before and after this problem started. This is the first WU I've tried to send with the CPU client, it's NOT the SMP client, I intended to switch after it sent this WU...

Any ideas? I added both [email protected] clients to my firewall exceptions.

EDIT: This is rather embarrassing... Right after I hit submit on this post, I refreshed Fahmon and it showed that it had just finally gone through. I guess it was just busy servers for an hour or two..

Is there anyway I can delete or close this topic?
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When you look in the log, is there an EUE wait 24hr error?

Stanford has been updating their servers or something because they have been down a couple times in the past week.
Thanks for the quick response.. No EUEs or anything..

I just didn't wait long enough, I guess, (about two hours), because it just went through. I feel pretty dumb now...
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