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cpu fan stopped after a second on first boot

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I just booted up my comp, first build, the cpu fan i think started for a split second, and then stopped, i powered down the computer in fear of overheating the cpu.

So is it normal? The first boot or something it's cold right now? Or loose connection somewhere? This mobo only has one connection which says cpu_fan. So I doubt it's a connection I've not entered.

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Possibly its the fan speed controller in bios, that will run the fan full speed when first turned on, but then back it off till the cpu reaches a certain temperature.
You can find that out quick by disabling that feature then messing with it later. It's usually under "PC Health Status" I'm not sure if it's the same on Intel but it should be relative.
Has it booted before and does the whole system shut down?
Ahh it works, it was the fan controller notification being disabled, i turned it on, and the fan is going bzzzz.... I wonder if I should OC it now...

My current cpu temp is like 32C
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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