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CPU for Openfiler

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Ok, I have an Openfiler system that is acting up with the AMD CPU and motherboard.

I purchased a GA-P35-DS3L and now need to make a decision.

I have an older P4 CPU that I can use or I can buy a Celeron E3200.

Since this is an Openfiler NAS box it's not busy most of the time.

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The celeron will probably be better due to the lower energy consumption.
This machine is a NAS with (4) 10,000 RPM 2.5" SAS drives, (4) 7,200 RPM WD 6400AAKS drives and 3 various other hard drives that spin 24/7.

I am not really concerned with energy consumption.
celeron cause of heat issues and the celeron is probly faster actually
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