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CPU hot runs hot no matter what

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Do some processors just run hotter than others even when they are the exact same model?

I have another PC that I am building to use in my living room as a media PC (and possibly a gaming machine)

I bought an e8400 just like I have in the computer I am using right now and no matter what this thing wont go any cooler than 60 degrees.

I have removed and re-seated the heatsink with as5 several times.....

I have tried another big cooler (kinda looks like the old big typhoon) that I had laying around and even then it only went down a couple of degrees. I know that thermal paste needs time to "cure", but this is just too high

Using Coretemp, realteam, everest, and also in BIOS

edit: wish I could edit that title....
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all cpu's are not identical...sure some can be but most aren't.

therefore some need more voltage to reach the same speed....therefore they run hotter.

also venting, ambient temps etc...60C on load isn't too high.
Do you mean 60*C on idle? If so, with a heatsink that is way too high. My E8400 runs at 36*C Idle overclocked to 3.28Ghz with a stock cpu cooler.
Maddux is right, all cpu's are different, but 60* idle with a heatsink is too high!
Could be fan orientation, how you applied the thermal compound. Bracket mount you used, maybe needs to be washer modded.

Or as others stated just a hot running chip.

Unless i remember these chips sometimes having stuck sensors also. Is you temp always the same when you check it. If it is you may want to look into the stuck sensor issue.
With all the temp sensor sticking issues here is what I would do:

run your favorite stress test for 4-6 hours. See if max temp is over 65-70c.

If not, then you are fine. For more peace of mind, touch the heat sink on load, should be warm to hot. Touch the heat sink on idle, should be warm to cool-ish.

This will tell you the sink is working.

what is your vcore?
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