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CPU idles at 41%?

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hi there,

my friends has a dfi 875-p and a intel 640 all running stock speeds, home built, recentlly, the cpu is idling at 41%,his frame rates in source have dropped from 150+ to 60 dropping to the 20's, we thought maybe spyware so we reinstalled xp, still happened, we thought maybe a hacker, so we dis connected the internet cabel, still happened, yesterday, i remembered about i had the same problem, and turned out the cpu liked the thermal throttling high, so he turned it up, nothing, turned it off, and it was all fine, he gone away from it yesterday, turned it on 2day, its started doing it again, he checked the bios, thermal throttling is still turned off, have you got ay ideas? we really dont know now,

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It may be named to look like a system process to so be careful with that. Id pull up your task manager and google all the processes to find out what they are. There are some virii or spyware that like to hang out as a .sys named as a windows system process file in the processes tab.
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