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CPU/NB/VID Controller

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About how high can I take the voltage and be on the safe side of it?
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CPU NB-VID voltage? That can be upped to up to 0.45v up or so on my motherboard before the text on the voltages begins to turn red. Some people who run RAM with tight timings may have to bump this up a bit. I have mine at 0.2v up from the normal, and my RAM runs stable at current settings but only with this increase.
Mine is at stock, bumping them up doesnt seem to affect the overclock much. My memory is also below manufacture speeds, so there is no reason to bump them up.

I did a bit of research and I found that usually the safe spot is with .4-.5 of stock so the ^ poster is quite right.
CPU can go up to 1.65V as long as temps stay respectable. Most stay under 1.55V on CPU. Keep temps under 55 your golden/ CPU/NB ust 1.3-1.35V and use 2400=2600Mhz seems to be sweet spot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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