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i was looking at the CPU ranking at notebookcheck...and something caught my eye....

the cpu ranked at 101...its the T2410 now look at the 2 cpu immedialty bellow it...its the T7100 and the T5670

i can get that CPU new (T2410) for 33€ Link while the other two used on ebay cost around 40 Pounds...

am i missing something here or is the T2410 underrated??


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Notebook Check's CPU ranking is pretty flawed.

T2410 = 2.0Ghz, 65nm, 533 Bus, 1MB Cache
T5670 = 1.8Ghz, 65nm, 800 Bus, 2MB Cache
T7100 = 1.8Ghz, 65nm, 800 Bus, 2MB Cache

The only difference between the T5670 & T7100 is that the T7100 supports Intel Virtulization Technology.

EDIT: To be direct, T5670 & T7100 have the same performance clock for clock. T7100 has more features. T2410 might be a bit faster in some cases. But you could easily boost the other two to that clock speed with a Software overclock.
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