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CPU scaling Nvidia vs ATI

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Are Nvidia cards more CPU dependent than ATI cards? And vice-versa? Meaning that using the same CPU, scaling the OC with the different gfx companies ,with the same set of games will yield higher performance?

Thanks, and NO flame war. Just facts.
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From what I have seen (as an owner of multiple G92 and GT200 cards, as well as a 4870 and two 5850s), NVIDIAs drivers are indeed a bit more CPU dependent, at least in Direct 3D apps. I suppose this could vary from configuration to configuration though.

In OpenGL, the opposite trend seems to be true, if FurMark is any indication.

Anyway, it's more the drivers, than the hardware.
Nvidia's drivers are multi core optimized. Not sure about ATI.

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Nvidia's drivers are multi core optimized. Not sure about ATI.
That, ATI is lagging in that department.

Crossfire is very CPU dependent.
I've ran tests and watched GPU usage as well as performance increase right along with CPU speed.
Check this post out.
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ATI gets more of a cpu hit in benchmarks when more cards are introduced.
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