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CPU Temps w/ TT Big Typhoon

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Howdy all,

I just picked up a Thermaltake Big Typhoon after reading all of the great reviews for it, and I've got a couple of temperature-related questions.

Prior to installing the Big Typhoon, with the stock P4 cooler, I was idling around 55C, and going to about 65C under load. I then decided to replace the stock heatsink, and to switch my parts back to my old case (Thermaltake Xaser III) which had more fans and better air-flow.

While I was still putting everything together, I left my case open without the side panels, or the front panel, and accidently had all of the fans in backwards. (Front, side and top were exhaust, rear were intake.) This resulted in temperatures for over a 24 hour period of 30C idle, and no more than 40C under load.

I figured that after placing the fans properly, and closing up the case (as per the guide's instructions here on this site) that my temperatures would improve, or at least stay at those levels. However, with everything done properly, I'm idling at around 45C, and going to 60C under load.

Anyone know what the deal with that is?
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Make sure that the typhoon is secured tightly to the proc.
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