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CPU upgrade?

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Thinking about an upgrade in the near future. Should I get an E8500 or E8600, or go quad core?
I do enjoy occasional gaming, but by no means am I a hard core gamer. By occasional i mean i might buy 1 or 2 at the most, games per year.
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i'd get a quad

the only reason to get a dual is for gaming, but a quad tends to do better for multitasking. and it seems like you'd make more use of it, especially if you encode videos. the Q9400/Q9550 would be good
Quad core. Go for a Q9650 or if that costs too much, Q9550 is a little cheaper. I dont think going from c2d to c2d is a worthy upgrade.
Thanks everyone, i'm eyeballing it(q9550) right now on newegg
Fiancee would kill me after just getting new mobo, gpu, and case.
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Yep diffidently a quad will last long and do you well. Q9550
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u need a quad cause new softwares are taking uses of 4 cores
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