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CPU Upgrade! ^^

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Hi hi to all ... I want to upgrade my T7300 cpu on my vaio vgn-fz190fe, I just asking about tdp, because this .. and my new processor X7900 don´t use the same watts.

T7300 35 Watts
X7900 44 Watts.

This could be bad for laptop or there's a way to make safer? ... any ideas please I need comentts ^^! ...
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You can use your new processor in the laptop, but you will definitely have more heat buildup. You can deal with that by using good thermal grease, setting all fans to max (if you can) and using a cooling pad underneath the computer.
it shouldnt be to mush worse maybe set fans 10% more and good grease (articsilver 5) and you should be fine
I doubt you'd have to do anything cooling-wise. It's highly unlikely your laptop's cooling design only allows for 35w of power dissipation, and won't do well with 44w. Is the x7900 offered in other vaio's? It's unlikely they'd use a different thermal dissipation design in the same model laptop. Then again, I don't know that for sure...

Is the x7900 supported by your laptop's bios?
OP, I apologize--I accidentally reported your previous post as spam before I realized what you posted (there are a lot of spam posts floating around...). If you want to post rar's, you can just upload them as an attachment to your post (use the "go advanced" option when you're making a new post--file attachments is one of the options there). Sorry, didn't mean to tag it as spam...
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