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Cpu-z 1.32!!!

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The new version is already out!!

 CPU-Z has been updated to its 1.32 version. The news are :

    * Athlon FX-60 detection added.
    * Athlon64 new memory dividers.
    * Celeron 35x Cedar Mill, Pentium D 805.
    * Core Solo & Core Duo detection improved.
    * VIA C7 CPU detection added.
    * Intel i975X, i945GT chipsets support.
    * ATI RD580 chipset support.
    * ULi smbus support improved.
    * Fix smbus conflict with ClockGen.
Downloads here...

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wooot amd64 new memory dividers....nice nice , thnx bud
I guess this wont benifit anybody that doesn't have brand new hardware
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thanks - downloaded
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