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cpu-z question mark ??

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guys m sorry if m posting this in a wrong section i really couldnt understand were exactly to start this thread .

my question is i recently tweaked with my overclock n wanted a CPU-z validation but in CPU-z validation page were the cpuz screenshot appears there is a question mark ??

here is the link n the screen shot

CPUz validation link


thanx in advance guys


guys can you help me out n point me directions to go over 4.2Ghz stable 24/7 with my cpu m currently at
4.2Ghz @1.531v in bios 1.548v in OS readings
2805mhz NB @ 1.35v
2104 HT @1.15v
1866Mhz 9-10-10-30 @ 1.65v
idle temps 37~40C mostly hovering near 40C
Load temp 58-59C
m 24/7 stable with these from many months now
wat kind of cooling required to lower the cooling ?? i mean i have a 212+ with p/p config i m thinking of going with something like a Deepcool Ice Warrior Cooler or Deepcool Neptwin Cooler or at min Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
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The cpu-z question mark is confusing, but It looks like you dont have a ton of room in your case there but you would be much happier with a Noctua NH-D14 instead of that neptwin or ice warrior. Its the same height as the hyper 212 and it will out-perform probably any air cooler under that height. Not sure where your from but the noctua will be a much nicer cooler, Also the alpenfon K2 is decent and proper size if you can find that anywhere aswell.

in India D14 is for like 5.5~6k n that cooler is for like 3.5k~4k
Originally Posted by Tarun View Post

in India D14 is for like 5.5~6k n that cooler is for like 3.5k~4k
If prices in India were as good as they are in the U.S i'd have the FX 8350 and a Radeon 7870
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