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Craigslist Auto-Poster

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I work in real estate and believe it or not, from little shanties to downtown Chicago penthouses, some of the best advertising possible is via craigslist.

My company recently invested in some software to automatically update posts so that after they expired in 7 days, they were reposted. However that software, not to be named, was insanely expensive and had more issues with bugs than Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.

So, OCN, does anyone here have any recommendations on solid craigslist autoposter software? Ideally something you have personal experience with? I don't want to pitch something to the boss and it not work (i.e. what happened to a past employee...that's why she no longer works here).
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You could always write one using CURL and your language of choice. It's rather simple. Study up on how to make HTTP GET and POST requests using CURL, learn what your browser does when you browse webpages and submit forms.
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