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ok. i'm writing this on a pda so bear with me.

i plugged in my new video card, and windows would hang on loading screen. i did a hard reboot to my comp. not turning on at all. i tried new power supply, different video card, reset cmos, everything.

now, i have diagnostic lights which are indicating a floppy drive starting; it hangs here. i have plugged in a floppy drive to see if that fixes it but nope.

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Check all plugs and molex connectors. You most likely hit something while you were installing the new GPU.
So... are you getting nothing at all now?


Access to the BIOS?

Try to boot with only the essentials... no CD, no PCI, no HDD, and just see if it will POST (if it isn't now).
"crap", indeed.

So it begins, the toil of troubleshooting....

Have you jumped the PSU to see how much voltage, if any, it is giving?
Do any fans spin up (PSU)? Any lights? The 20(24) pin and the 4 pin Plugs are all in. All of the front panel headers are in? The computer is plugged in
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lol yes. everything powers up, lights on, fans spinning
Does it beep out any codes? If you don't have a PC Speaker connected, connect one to listen.
Did you try disabling the Floppy in the BIOS... that was where you stated the system hung. Maybe check the Boot Priority, though I don't know how this could have been affected by a VGA card swap...

Just taken shots in the dark.
i can't get to the bios
Do you have the 4 pin molex plugged into the mainboard behind the audio-out portion of the I/O panel?
Your motherboard...is it grounding to the case?

Try completely removing it from the case, put it on a box or something, and booting up.
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SLi Shadow card in the proper position?
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So, no BIOS access... I am assuming you could access it at one point?

Do you have a PS/2 keyboard that you could use for troubleshooting? I have buggered things up to the point where my USB keyboards won't function and I have to use a PS/2 interface.
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Okay guys. Sorry about my lack of thanks and details. I was typing everything out on a Pocket PC, which isn't the easiest and fastest thing.

Well, I got it fixed. Don't ask me how, but I did. I was up ALL night, and I need to get my sleep now. Thank you so much! Rep+ to you all.
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