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crashing to B.S.O.D

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hey lads and gals was wondering if someone can help me with my computer my spec is below. i keep getting a message saying yad yada program needs to close and i reload it again. i have checked my cu and ram and they are fine but there is no way for me to tell if i need a bigger power supply or my motherboard is goosed its only started doing strange things when i run games and other high resource applications like rendering that the computer shuts down. i hear that if you have a low wattage psu this could cause the system to crash under full load. i also retrieved a few error codes and descriptions( page fault in non paged area and bug code usb driver any help would be very much appreciated
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18 amps is not enough to run your set. Do you have a overclock as well? If so, reset to stock speeds and see if you still have the problem. It I were you I would get a better PSU as soon as you can. Some thing on the lines of this PSU


You have alot of money in that rig and this PSU will give you future upgrades and peace of mind for years to come and it will also run you rig with no problems even with a NICE overclock
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