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Crazy internet speeds...

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So I just moved and the internet situation blew, had to go wireless when have been on a wired connection for all my hardware for ages.

Anyways, I bought a D Link 32bit PCI Wireless G card and got crap speeds like 7kbs slow, in fairness I am downstairs the router is upstairs on the opposite side of the house (and no not my mothers basement). I bought a Rosewill Antenna the footlong bastard on newegg, this bumped me to maybe 20kbs, still poor.

So I scour the internet on my dial up speeds to find a substitute for buying a 360 wireless adapter (who the hell wants to spend $100 or so on a crap adapter like that). I come across an article on using DD-WRT; I've used it in the past on my WRT54G v5. Well I still have this router lying around and decide to turn this thing into a receiver for wireless signal thru DD-WRT.... Simply put it's amazing my connection has gone to 9mb download and 2mb upload (www.dslreport.com) I just downloaded TC Hawx at 1.5mb download this thing is faster then my old wired connection; stupid Charter Communications.

So if you have one of these oldies but goodies laying around, HANG ON TO IT!

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Good information to have. Usually repeater signals aren't that strong, but you have a supercharged connection now! Congrats on the good work
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It's not a repeater the router now accepts wireless signal vs sending it out. It's just a stronger reception from it then my PCI wireless adapter.

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