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Crazy temperatures

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So how come that Asus Probe tells me that my cpu temp is 44C, then when I reboot, it comes up as 37C?

BIOS agrees with both temps.
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The temp difference at each restart is 2C. So it either starts ar 35C and goes up 2 degrees, or starts at 41C and goes up 2 degrees.

Not only that, I could never get 2 starting temps to be the same, not even in the same ballpark. Is either in the 30;s of the 40's.

Let me explain:

Start computer, check temp, temp is 44C. Shutdown, restart Go to BIOS, temp is 42-44C.
Restart computer at BIOS exit, check temp, Temp is 42C, goes up to 44C.
Use the computer for awhile, temp is still 44C, have to restart,

Restart computer, check temp, temp is 35C. Shutdown (because I do not understand why this is happening), go to BIOS, temp is 34-37C.
Restart Computer at BIOS exit, check temp, temp is 35C, goes to 37C.
Use the computer for awhile, have to restart for some reason or another, temp is still 37C before restart....

and when it starts again it is 44C.

The comp works fine, except for this odd behavior.
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