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Creality Ender 3

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I might as well start a thread for it. I recently started 3D printing with an Ender 3 Pro and it has been tons of fun. VERY affordable printer that can be found from $180 to $270 depending on options but cheap none the less.
Very good quality in prints and easy to upgrade. I'll post some prints I have done and some various material I have used and plan on using along with some upgrades I have done to it.
If you read this and have questions, feel free to ask or share your prints and stories.


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So i've done some research over the last few weeks and found that the Ender 3 is one of the highly recommended budget beginner units. I am thinking about purchasing the standard model and spending a few $$ to get some of the more discussed/important mods/upgrades. I am hoping you guys could chime in with insight and recommendations if I am missing anything.

I am looking for purchase everything from Banggood, is this site reliable - most review say its ok. (shipping to US)

Ender 3 ($180)
Ultrabase Glass Plate ($18)
Metal Extruder Kit ($17)
Heat Bed Springs ($2)

Not sure what other mods are worth purchasing, as mentioned I am open to suggestions as I am brand new to 3D printing. Also recommendations on additional filaments would be great as I haven't started my research on that yet.

Right now my cart is at $233 shipped, which I think it s steal for this printer.

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Yeah the Ender is the best printer to start on.
I have bought lots of Drone parts from Bangood but never a printer so I don't know about that. It's probably okay but I bought mine made by Creality through Amazon.
Glass bed is probably the best upgrade you can do. Just get some Glue sticks because you might need them, although key to good bed adhesion is usually a good height and level bed.

Metal Extruder kit is a good upgrade as well. Springs, eh, I did mine but not super important but for that price, might as well do it. Upgrade your Bowden tube to Capricorn as well or just get some for when the stock one wears out.

The printer will print fine the way it is. TLsmoothers will help if you are getting lines but you can wait on those if you like.

Filament is very important to printing. Make sure you are buying good Quality filament. I use Inland and have had great results but all filament very from brands, colors, and manufactures.
Thanks for the advise! Do you think getting the Pro over the standard for the better PSU is worth it? Its been asked a million times on reddit and some people say yes, others say no..
I also see the Monoprice has opened Ultra MK11's for $300, tempting.. but I think the Ender 3 is still good..

Right now I am just trying to justify this "toy" is worth spending $250 on.. other than a few little figures that I think will be cool to make I don't have much use for a 3D printer.. other than the idea that it's cool to have one..
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