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Creative Suite CS2 with Win7

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Has anyone tried this combination? I've only installed Photoshop and Bridge from the Suite and I've noticed some things are a little off. I shoot in RAW and when I use Bridge to open Photoshop and make adjustments my straightening tool is messed up and will eventually crash Photoshop itself.

I've installed as an administrator and am running as such. I've installed all the available upgrades as well.

Using the virtual XP Mode I can get it to work flawlessly but it's definitely slower using the VM as compared to Vista x64.

DISCLAIMER: Adobe's stuff is expensive and I'm very cozy with CS2 and as a result I don't plan to upgrade anytime in the near future.
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Yeah CS is expensive.

If it's any help, I have CS3 working flawlessly. Perhaps a CS2 bug / W7
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