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Creative Zen Problem

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I told the Creative CD Ripping Utility to burn all of my CDs at 320KBps, which is as high as it can go. Well, recently, the MP3s have been having terrible sound quality, and my player says that the music is like 40 KBps. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? I was thinking perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling the Creative programs on my PC. Do you think that would help?
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Upping the quality also makes files larger , Is there an "auto-fit" setting checked off ?
I don't care about size, it's a 30 GB player and I won't be using it for videos much, if at all. It's just that I rip it at one quality and it doesn't play it at that quality.

Originally Posted by pow3rtr1p
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I told the Creative CD Ripping Utility to burn all of my CDs at 320KBps

Did you mean rip them at 320kbps ?
So then I'm assuming the player you speak of is not your car or room player,
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don't use the creative ripper. Either download CDEX and use LAME mp3.

Don't use CBR use VBR. I think that will solve your problem. If that doesn't work try reinstalling the Zen's firmware. I also have a zen the zen vision M to be specific.
I have the Vision W, btw. I may try using Lame and CDEX. Thanks.
Well one of my CDs had a kidn of skipping sound, btu the audio never skipped. Just an annoying background clicking. I guess teh CD must be scratched 2nd CD worked fine, though. Going to try to transfer them to the MP3 player soon. Think I can do it without the Creative suite installed?
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