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Should Credit Hoarding during BGB be accepted?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • No

    Votes: 17 60.7%

Credit Hoarding during the BGB Events [Please add your input]

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So with the recent issue that was brought up in the now closed BGB8 thread, I feel that it is necessary to get a full input on this whole issue that I am defining as "Credit Hoarding". You might be wondering what in the world that means. Well, it's a simple thing. You have work units. When they complete, they get sent back to the project server. You get credits almost instantly (depending on project). Credit hoarding is the act of holding onto the completed work units and uploading them when the BOINCers Gone Bonkers event start, thus giving you a boost in the credit race.

While there is no real way of actually policing this action, by having it clearly defined on whether this should be acceptable or not is important for our team in order to not have issues like we have had recently in the future.

[NOTE: Please keep the discussion civil. Failure to do so could lead to problems]
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I would begin this by saying how can one start a point-race with points made before it began?

every one in some way has said that it is not a good idea or could become an issue? so why should it be allowed?
the term frowned apon has been used more than once and this sort of action is not allowed for other teams for a reason
this may not mater for the people pushing high PPD but it does mater to others and i would like to make it fair for all

i under stand that people must police them selves for the most part but trying to reach the next prize level is suppose to be a challenge with a reward
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