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Should Credit Hoarding during BGB be accepted?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • No

    Votes: 17 60.7%
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Hello everyone, I know I'm very new here and literally just heard about this whole boincers gone bonkers event about a month ago. In that time I've spent some time lurking around here making spotty posts and getting a general feel for the team. It was my impression that BGB was like a membership drive more than a points race.

I feel that this entire argument needs to end, I enjoy the competition of it all but when it truly comes down to it the only real comparison one can make here is of a person's total points output, not simply their output over a 2 day period once per month. When you look at these stats you see a true measure of how many points a person puts out for the team and how much they invest overall in the team. That two day period is but a fraction of their overall credit total. If they hoard for the event to add a little excitement and feeling of competition then so be it. I can still see where those points will end up, under the Overclock.net team name on Boincstats, where our only true competition lies, the other teams.

If anything these events are like a quick chance for everyone to inject the team with as many points as they can in a two day period just to see what the heck happens, these "horse race charts" and "point total charts" are just for the hell of it because competition makes everything a bit more fun. I for one know that if it was possible to hoard for a month i'd probably still not catch some of our top performers. And so I just boinc at my normal pace and watch as the teams overall stats rise.

In the end, does any of this even matter? Those who are doing it are most likely bowing out of the prize drawings and any one else that chooses to do it still puts those points under the ocn flag. And isn't that all that really matters?

The fact of the matter is that we jumped our team position one or two positions in a period of two days with a fraction of the number of members of many of our competitors and even put a nice buffer between ourselves and those we passed.

Abbreviated version:
I spent a good hour of my morning reading through this thread because I like what the team does and what the general populous of this forum is all about, hopefully someone spends 15 minutes to read through this post. The membership of this forum is above bickering with one another, friendly competition is healthy and enjoyable, don't get so caught up in it and lose sight of the fact that every point goes towards the team and however we get those points shouldn't really matter. If a few members want to make a friendly race out of it with whatever means necessary let them. If you want a true measure of what a team member has done for the team go look at the boincstats member rankings, that's what matters, not a quick two day friendly competition.

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Originally Posted by Tex1954
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I agree 100%... however, when someone calls me a liar publicy, or says things in this forum that are not true, or tries to pick on the BOSS and run things themselves... then isn't it time to respond?

I'm not saying the BOSS can't defend himself, but some folks never stop complaining or exaggerating or telling lies in this public forum and those same folks often never post anything "positive" at all.

I'm done, I ignore and delete PM's from certain folks without opening them now.

I won't defend others publicly anymore or point out lies and disinformation posts anymore "publicly", simply continue to report them.

One less thing to worry about! LOL!

And as a TEAM member, I support whatever the BOSS says 100%. Very happy and glad the BOSS allows some of us to "have fun" while not in prize competition too! Prize Qualification Charts and friendly finger pokes and wonderful magic chart racing/commentary... I love it all! I don't want to do anything that would prevent those FUN things from being allowed...

Of course as I stated I'm new here and have no idea of any goings on prior to this thread pretty much. Of course if someone is going to attack a person publicly they have a right to defend themselves and you have the right to ignore said people or deal with them in other means. Ignoring is one such method.

It still seems that the poll is tilting in the direction that says no credit hoarding. I personally don't participate in the act but don't see the problem with it. **See above post**.

It seems the smartest solution is one that has been suggested already. The only true detriment to the team that can come from this credit saving is when a new member comes in and does it to simply win a prize. There is no prize given out for the top credit scorer in the two day period. There is no prize given out for the fastest person to break a certain amount of credits.

The only incentive of the whole "race" scheme is bragging rights. And those top contenders are so far above most others that even if I was to save credits for a month I still couldn't beat them for bragging rights in BGB9. Not to mention the fact that I believe many of those top contenders are prize donators as well, whilst still taking themselves out of the running for the prize.

However I can still get a prize if I get a certain amount just as they, or any other member can.

What it really comes down to is that the whole "race" theme is nothing but imaginary fun, there is no real merit held here, it is simply to make everything a bit more fun! Like I've said, there is no bonus for hitting the point totals first, there is no bonus for exceeding them. So the only possible detriment that could be brought by hoarding is a member coming in, hoarding for a few days before so they can be eligible for a prize, then stopping immediately after they hit the point requirements for a prize. Which certainly would be a rare happening that could be evaluated for prize worthiness on a case by case basis.

This whole thread seems misguided. To make an actual race would require much more than ridding the ranks of hoarding. Everyone would need to run the same project and the same tasks from that project(each project returns different amounts of credits as I've seen in personal experience). It would have to also be certain that this project wasn't unfairly weighted towards a certain GPU/CPU architecture as that could deem itself unfair. Each individual would need to provide verification of a start with no partially complete tasks at some time after the start of the BGB. And I'm sure the list goes on. I'm already getting bored thinking about it.


If the entire point of the BGB events was a race then hoarding would be one of the many problems that would need to be addressed. So if this is what anti hoarding proponents seek, where is the outcry of disgust at lack of "racing regulations"? If people deem it unfair for a member to hoard simply to receive a prize then perhaps on a case by case basis prize winners must be investigated for hoarding. Other wise it affects nothing but bragging rights, and as far as that matters.. oh wait it doesn't.
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