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Should Credit Hoarding during BGB be accepted?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • No

    Votes: 17 60.7%

Credit Hoarding during the BGB Events [Please add your input]

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So with the recent issue that was brought up in the now closed BGB8 thread, I feel that it is necessary to get a full input on this whole issue that I am defining as "Credit Hoarding". You might be wondering what in the world that means. Well, it's a simple thing. You have work units. When they complete, they get sent back to the project server. You get credits almost instantly (depending on project). Credit hoarding is the act of holding onto the completed work units and uploading them when the BOINCers Gone Bonkers event start, thus giving you a boost in the credit race.

While there is no real way of actually policing this action, by having it clearly defined on whether this should be acceptable or not is important for our team in order to not have issues like we have had recently in the future.

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-If you as in whoever is competing, is not able to meet certain performance marks with his or her hardware; and if you choose to hoard your credits then use those to get ahead in an event where certain marks are better than others. (Like BGB different levels of prizes to be won.) Then yes hoarding is a bad thing and you should be not allowed to win a prize in the event in question.
-If you are in the event just to see how many points you can put up in the said length of time of the event, then it doesnt matter if you hoard or not; you still arent eligible to win a prize.
-if this was a tractor pull type senario, and it is; and the full pull mark was 20,000 points. If you were to pull 20,001 points its a full pull. If you were to pull 2 billion points its a full pull. no matter what you get if you got more than was required to meet the full pull mark; then it is a full pull.
-if someone who hoards drops a bomb on us during an event, then we need to take into account what their normal ppd is avg. if they normally put down 200-400k in a days time; why the hell are we arguing over a 20k point in a 2 day competition??? obviously someone that can get 10-20x that amount in 1 day can surely best that in 2??? And do you know anybody that when they go to compete they leave their good stuff at home?? Picture them looking in their 2 door garage at 2 cars.... on the left is an AMC Gremlin... on the right is Dodge Viper. If they were going to a drag race, what are the chances they drove the Gremlin there? Some people only run their sig rig daily. When it comes to the BGB events they borrow their moms laptop, their work computer, their bosses computer, their kids computer, and so on and so forth and add them to their army of which to decimate all during the BGB event. Normal over-output from most are expected.
** Hoarding for the sake of Hoarding is a no-no, but (and this is a big butt) if the person normally gets more than the amount needed to meet the numbers in the event then leave them alone and if they are not in the event to win something; leave them alone.
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