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CrimsonMango's 955XE Presler Overclocking Thread

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well, after a few weeks of anticipation, and almost a grand later, i have my Pentium D 955XE Presler, and it is currently nestled under my Storm G5 waterblock, ready to get OVERCLOCKED

(complete with lapped IHS)

so anyways, here's the first CPUz verification @ stock:


there will be plenty more to come soon


edit: all overclocking is currently done with an Asus P5WD2-Premium 955X board - tomorrow i get my paycheck, and i'll be ordering a P5WD2-E Premium 975X then
w00teh :bday:
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Wow Crimson! Nice chip you have there. Congrats.


Originally Posted by CrimsonMango

and the 955X board is limiting my OC's alot - the 975X boards let the Presler's freakin' SOAR

From what I have seen, the 955 chipsets are doing better than the 975's. The 975's are in their infancy, but the 955 seems to be more stable at higher fsb speeds.
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