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Crossfire 4890 powah?

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I've been getting a ton of mail in rebate cards in the mail recently so I'm considering getting a second 4890

However, with my current setup I'm worried my PSU won't be able to handle the power draw. Sig Rig for specs
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im running 2 4870s with a 600 watts PSU, i think you will be just fine.
You might be pushing it but I'm sure you will be fine.
you are A - O - K , the PSU will probably just die sooner now
Heck, the HX520 can handle two 4890s and your quad without breaking a sweat. You're more than fine, and your PSU will not die faster.
Your PSU will do just fine. The only thing to consider would be the fact that the amps on rails will likely be at closer to full capacity, which is fine--it just means your PSU will run a little hotter
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You've got 600W on the 12V rail. Your quad will take about 160W, a single 4890 about 150, and your HDDs, fans etc. around 50W.

You're fine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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