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So upon fixing my problem with Windows 7 black screening when i tried to use my 4850 in crossfire...you can't have both crossfire adapters on or else it black screens after a driver installation...ANYWAYS

After getting everything working and trying to clock both cards at 750/1050 i seem to have hit yet another problem

If you look in the photo my 4870 is GPU0 and based on the OSD seems to be doing just fine clock wise but for some reason my 4850 which is GPU1 is only running its memory at 525Mhz based on what the rivatuner app on the left is saying...and for some reason GPU1's memory clock will NOT show up in the OSD and i have made sure its ticked

What do you guys think is the problem?

This problem also seems to occur in Left 4 Dead 2 as well

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