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Hi I recently put new GPU which is 6970 considering speed would be much faster but I am having problem with my crossfire the GPU1 which was 6990 before it is now 6970 and when I make them busy GPU 1 usage never goes above 96% and temp always 87c without overclocking and 6990 works 99% both processors and temp stuck at 69% both and speed is little bit faster not much as i thought would be also i tried to do overclocking but both GPU doesn't seems to respond to that tried with MSI and also CCC same result the only thing i can control is the fan.

When i tried in CCC identify GPU it just shows the big 1 on the screen i believe something wrong with my setup but i have no clue what is it please if someone with experience can guide me through.
Thank you
mother board: GA-P55-U3DR (rev1)
PSU: 1200w corsair
OS: Windows 7 pro

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Your CPU is most likely not able to to keep up with your graphics cards therefor you see a loss in performance and usage. Play a game and look at your CPU usage. If the CPU usage is at 100 or close to that value, you need to upgrade. Might also need to upgrade the motherboard and memory.
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