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crossfire issue with 6990 + 6970

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Hi I recently put new GPU which is 6970 considering speed would be much faster but I am having problem with my crossfire the GPU1 which was 6990 before it is now 6970 and when I make them busy GPU 1 usage never goes above 96% and temp always 87c without overclocking and 6990 works 99% both processors and temp stuck at 69% both and speed is little bit faster not much as i thought would be also i tried to do overclocking but both GPU doesn't seems to respond to that tried with MSI and also CCC same result the only thing i can control is the fan.

When i tried in CCC identify GPU it just shows the big 1 on the screen i believe something wrong with my setup but i have no clue what is it please if someone with experience can guide me through.
Thank you
mother board: GA-P55-U3DR (rev1)
PSU: 1200w corsair
OS: Windows 7 pro
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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