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crossfire on my board?

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my sig rig is listed at the bottom.this motherboard has been great for me.but now im thinking of going to cf,and the 5770's seem to be a nice upgrade on a budget cf rig.

my question is my board will go 8x8 ,will this really affect anything?after the holidays i plan on moving up to an fx board and ddr3.and i guess ill be putting my xfx 4890 up for sale(how much).
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For 5770s, you shouldn't have I problem, I wouldn't think. But then again.. I've been known to be wrong once or twice before.
I don't think you'd really notice a bottleneck until you got up to around 285s/5870s or higher.
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thats what i been reading,i think went i get another board all go with 3 5770s.looks pretty solid in crossfire.thx
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