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crossfire, win7-64

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Hi team.

I've got a few questions about setting up my 4850s in crossfire.

On my motherboard, i have 4 pci-e slots, colored blue, black, black, blue. I've read in some locations that for it to be running in dual 16x i need the cards in both blue slots.

I've read in some other places that it's not true.

I've read in some places that I need the crossfire connector cables attached, and i've read that on newer motherboards it isn't necessary.

Anyway, I've tried one card in slot 1 (blue) and 1 card in slot 2 (black) with the connectors on and it seems to only be working in 8x.

I tried them both in the blue slots without the connectors on (because they don't reach that far) and it didn't work at all.

Is there something I need to configure in the BIOS? Do i need the connectors after all? Will i even notice the difference between 8x and 16x?

Is crossfire even worth it?

-Fallout 3 - on the win7 beta drivers i have a loop on the launcher screen, the game will not start. on the 9.1 drivers, it plays well for about 5 minutes then just freezes... it doesn't crash or BSOD, it just stops and won't respond to anything. system restart required.

-GTA 4 -textures missing and flickering lighting

-Far Cry 2 - (yeah, i know...) Great performance on one card, with CF turned on, it gets 8-12FPS

I've tried uninstalling drivers, running a cleaner, and reinstalling (catalyst 9.1, as well as the win 7 beta drivers from ATI)

Is this all due to crossfire not being stable in windows 7? Or do I have something incorrectly set?

Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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It's just the beauty of that board, yes you need the crossfire bridge to enable the crossfire connection, but that board has it's x16 slots further away from each other then the typical connector yet they supply no connector. It's really been a quandry as to what they were thinking.

there are places to get the connector, and some on here have had it, but I couldn't begin to tell you where too look except one person said they had found one on ebay.

Goodluck though.
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