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Crucial 3 x 2gb DDR3 1066 kit OCability?

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At $76 shipped it's quite affordable, though the kit's stock speed might be a turn off for some... I think it's identical to Crucial's 3 x 2gb 1333mhz CL9 kit, just with lower freq and tighter timings.


The above kit clocked to 1866mhz CL9 @ 1.5vDIMM, if 1066 kit clocks similarly this good be a nice budget kit.

So my request,

If you own either kit CT3KIT25664BA1067 or CT3KIT25664BA1339 please post your results! Thanks.
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dang, While I was searhcing for Clockign results on this memorya s well, I foudn you post, Resssurect!

I have been looking into this kit as well. Too bad no one posted any results =(
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