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since no one else really has anything on here about it I thought I would start this.

I beat the game last night and it was AMAZING!!!!!

anyways as I was playing I noticed some odd framerates on my 7970ghz.

the first mission I at max everything (minus msaa) was getting like 15-25fps averaging 21 fps I was like hot damn!!! my gpu is crying.

I turned the graphics down alittle to get me at 40fps and played on

at the water damn level I noticed that my fps was getting higher so I went bak to max and was averaging 30fps with low of 24 and max of 50

then for the last 3 levels I was at max graphics and I was getting between 40fps-95fps??????

did the developers just focus really hard on the first 3 levels and then just was like "ok guys quit being A**H**** and let these people actually have descent frame rates lol.


post your crisis 3 frame rates and specs bellows screenshot are always welcome!

-amd 8350 oc 4.6gh
-h100 clwc corsair
-asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0
-8gb ddr3 corsair vengeance 1866
-120gb ssd ocz vertex 3
-HIS 7970 iceq x2 ghz edition
-932 haf coolermaster
-1tb hdd
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