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Crysis Mod: Back to the Future

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In Crysis, you can now get on the Back to the future from known DeLorean and travel through time.


Wow seems fun as hell
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that physically sent shivers down my spine due to the amount of AWESOME in that video...


I <3 Back to the Future

Watched all three movies a few nights ago (again)... seriously, they're GREAT flicks.
That was the most epic thing I've seen today.
Awesome, was just about to head over to crymod now to see whats new, will go an grab this 1st
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When my vid card gets here this week... this will be part of the load up lol...
Looks awesome.
It looks very good... but it seems rather limited gameplay-wise.

Maybe it's a just show-off thing.
Anyway, pretty cool!
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holy crap this is brilliance
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