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Crysis mods/addons

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So i play a lot of crysis Wars and im just replaying Crysis original after getting it working from a year or 2 of major bug. I play in DX9 unless i feel like a dx10 server on crysis wars in which case i switch to windows 7.

So what addons or mods (or maybe maps) are good and would let me record some fraps of crysis 1 with it looking like i have dx10. what other addons can you reccomend? Ive already slightly improved gfx on crysis by fiddeling with some settings spreadsheets... And are there any good crysis wars addons

copy and paste this if you agree that crysis original is the best game ever made.
(just kill yourself if you disagree) thx for reading
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There are a ton of mods out that actually IMPROVE the grafics of the game and or make it run smoother. Cryteks Moding Portal

Looking here makes me want to reinstall my game and/or buy Crysis Warhead
"reinstall my game and/or buy Crysis Warhead " do it
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