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Crysis: Reckoning trouble

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I am at the reckoning mission where I have to locate the chief engineer but as soon as I try and walk through the door it won't let me. It's as if some unseen force is not allowing me to pass through to where i should be going.

Edit: Went Prone and problem solved. Seems like a weird bug Crysis has. Infact this whole level is buggy as hell.
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Are you talking about the level where you are on the ship and everything is froze?
I am talking about for Crysis not Crysis Warhead. I gave up on Crysis because the Admiral never talked to me he was just frozen like a statue. It's right after you grab the TAC from the armory. I also tried doing the level from scratch and also reloading the savegames but still same result.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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