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The crew from 1UP managed to snag an interview with Monolith's Eric Studer, the associate producer on FEAR 2. Studer explains some of the story in FEAR 2 and what gamers can come to expect in the next title in the series.

They also released a new, "Behind the Scenes" video focusing on the story of the title.


1UP: A lot of FEAR's horror feel came from the confined interior environments; now that there's more outdoor urban encounters within the exploded city, does that change the overall horror tone/atmosphere? How do you maintain FEAR's tension in a world where you're not just creeping down dark hallways like in the first game?

ES: That's an interesting question, because our expectations of what would happen differ from what actually happened. One of the blessings of the close quarter combat was the way it created moments of incredibly high intensity, fast encounters. It was just the nature of the space and how players ended up utilizing it. When we opened the world up we found that encounters changed as a result. They weren't the same frenetic combat experience as before. That's not to say it wasn't fun; it just means that players were forced to change their strategies and find new ways of overcoming foes who aren't as easy to flank due to the space. This variation of combat styles, afforded by the different environments, gave us the opportunity to change the pacing of the game more dramatically. By changing the battlefields, players won't get inured to space and become desensitized to it. It helps keep the game experience fresh and rewarding for players.

If you're looking forward to this game as much as I am, be sure and read up on the rest of the 1UP interview. FEAR 2 is slated to arrive in 2009.

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