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CSGO - Mouse problem - Low sens

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This is gonna sound really daft but I believe something is broken my end.

So long story short, I'm new to CSGO and low sensitivity was recommended to me. I'm reasonablly good at FPS games but for some reason there isa big problem for me.

For exmaple pro players use like 400 DPI and 1.5 in-game settings and they are able to 180 turn with ease with swipes on the mouse pad.

Whereas I'm using 800 dpi and 1.7 in-game but I can't do a 180 turn and I have huge mouse pad it just doesn't turn.. I don't know how to explain it, I'm swiping my mouse over my huge mousepad to try and 180 turn but it doesn't work, it takes like 5 swipes just to 180. But I have higher settings than pro players which means I should turn easier. I'm swiping my mouse correctly too....
Lets say I use the settings as a pro player my mouse physically does not move, so it has to be something wrong my end. I physically cannot 180 turn even with decent swipes of the mouse.

Razer Taipan Razer Goliathus

800 DPI 6/11 1.7

What the hell is the problem?