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Curious after watching TV.

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Hey guys, anyone who watches Myth Busters may have seen the episode where they look for the best way to keep your drinks cold. They tested in thoes foam beer containers and did 3 tests.

1) Just Ice
2) Water and Ice
3) Water and Ice with salt in the mixture

The 3rd combination was lower by like 10-15C I think just because of the ice. Could adding Salt to the area between CPU and heat sink maybe lower temps or does the salt just lower the treshhold of water?

Know it seems dumb but who knows!
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Salt acts as an antifreeze I believe..
salt lowers the point at which the water freeze, meaning with the salt u can get liquid water below 0c where as without the salt the water would be ice. reason that the beer got colder was cause with the super cold water the can is completly surrounded where as with the beer surrounded by ice there are still air pocket around it and such

edit: if u want to test it, put salt on ur hand and then press an ice cube against it. hurts like hell
The salt does help lower the freezing point of water. However, it also makes water more corrosive by far (high purity water is not very corrosive at all). If you are considering adding salt to your coolant, I would suggest the exploration of alternative methods.


..and corrosion.
There is a way to use this idea though. The bucket of ice water idea. Dip your line into a bucket of ice water + salt and see if you notice any changes in temp.
yah, I wouldn't want to do this, but I was more curious of the actualy effects you may find from using it...

cool thanks
It makes sense so basically the water cant freeze because the salt is melting it.
but of course..the CO2 fire extinguisher pwns all...lol
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